Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Help me, help them, help me!!

I have found public speaking to be one of the hardest things I do. I get nervous and all of the sudden feel like I am going to choke. I am convinced everyone there doesn't want to be there and I will surly forget my words. I think its my biggest fear. (God forbid someone leave the room when I'm speaking.)

But I am starting to realize, it's not my only big fear.

I am finding the second hardest thing (for me) is asking for help. Don't we all just want to "handle it" ourselves. We don't need any one's help. We can do whatever needs to be done on our own. That's what a strong person does, right?

Maybe not.

Just like public speaking it takes practice to ease the nerves. So today I practice on my other fear. I am asking for your help.

If you have read Pieces of Me and have enjoyed the book, it would be so helpful to me if you would write a review on Amazon. It doesn't have to be long or fancy. I'm currently trying to build a following, so anything will help improve my rating with them. The higher the rating the more they push my book.

So please, help me, help them, help me! :) :)

For those who have written a review already I thank you!

Attached is a link to my reviews.

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