Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Heart of My Team

Sad day in my world. The Seattle Seahawks lost their play-off game today.

But in the midst of the heartbreak I noticed something exceptional.

The Heart of My Team.

Even if you don't follow football or sports, one thing we all know, being down by 20 points isn't good.

For those who do know football, being down 20 points at the end of the 3rd quarter really isn't good!

Only 15 minutes left in the game, down by 20 and the Hawks came out to play as if it were the first time they stepped on the field today.

What heart.

They didn't make excuses, give up, or give in. They fought back and took the lead with 31 second left in the game.

Ultimately the Hawks didn't win the game. But what a great lesson of us fans.

Never give up! Fight for victory no matter how far down you fall. Always live your life with heart.

Thank you Seahawks for all you have given us this year.